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Corridor Finance

Corridor Finance aims to enhance the functionality of BRC20 tokens

Corridor Finance aims to enhance the functionality of BRC20 tokens by leveraging DeFi solutions such as swaps, bridges, and farming. By providing increased liquidity and additional utilities, Corridor Finance seeks to unlock new opportunities for token holders within the BRC20 ecosystem.

✅ Main Functions:

✅ Bitcoin Cross-chain Bridge to EVM & BTC L2

✅ BRC20 AMM Swap

✅ DeFi farming

✅ Incentive to BRC20 Program

✨ Key Highlights of Corridor Finance:

🌈 Cross-chain to EVM and BTC L2

Currently we have a bridge between BTC mainnet to EVM networks, including ETH, BASE, OP, ARB, Matic & BNB. For BTC L2 side: we have integrated with Bsquare network, Bob Network, Merlin Chain, Gelios, Tuna Chain, Goshen chain, etc

🍬 Mainnet-ready:

Our mainnet product is fully ready now. Mainnet Dapp supports Bridge, Swap and Liquidity mining.

🆓 0 Gas swap:

No gas or block confirmation required for AMM Swap. It provides instant and reliable liquidity for BRC20.

🧑‍🌾 DeFi Utilities for BRC20:

We partnered with multiple DeFi protocols cross different chains to bring liquidity and utilities for BRC20 communities, so BRC20 holders can use bridged BRC20 tokens for DeFi farming, lending, etc.

🪄 Cross protocols swap:

We are building a multiple inscriptions protocols indexer, so within the same AMM swap, users can swap between different inscriptions protocols across different chains.

🍊 Incentive to BRC20 Program:

We allocated 5% token incentives/airdrop to all DeFi protocols or relevant projects that can bring value to BRC20 communities.

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