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Nitro is building a new platform to extend and supercharge the solana virtual machine

The First Solana VM Chain

Connecting Solana and Cosmos

Nitro is the first Solana VM chain, serving as the gateway between the Solana and Cosmos ecosystems.

What is Nitro?

Nitro is the first Solana VM chain, built on Cosmos as an optimistic rollup that features Sealevel Virtual Machine (SVM) compatibility. This enables developers to easily launch their Solana dApps on Cosmos and access IBC assets. Apps built on Nitro can leverage the powerful Solana VM while gaining the interoperability that is native to IBC.

The First Solana VM Chain

Nitro lets developers deploy existing Solana smart contracts with no changes, while users can seamlessly access these apps with Solana wallets. This creates a low-friction environment for Solana developers and users to access the broader Cosmos ecosystem.

Nitro is the first SVM-compatible scaling solution that gives Solana developers access to the rapidly growing Cosmos ecosystem and lets IBC assets interact with Solana apps. The first step in making the Solana VM a development standard like the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

The Nitro Vision

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Nitro will be the scalability engine for the Solana VM (SVM) - allowing teams to quickly spin up SVM rollups that can use any L1 for data availability and settlement. Nitro can be used to create app-specific rollups like dYdX or Immutable or general purpose rollups like Arbitrum. Nitro's first deployment serves as the port for Solana teams to expand to the Cosmos ecosystem while leveraging the same powerful Sealevel VM they're used to.

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