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Global Accelerator Alliance

“Aims to build bridges between potential startups, local incubation, and our international accelerator network. We believe that startup networking and community growth can naturally sprout from the geographical locations they are based in, but to transcend their local limitations, they need exposure to environments they are not typically familiar with.”

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5 Continents
10+ Countries
20+ Accelerators
50+ Venture Capitals

Developer Plus+

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“a comprehensive incentive plan for Web3 developers worldwide.”


Diverse Developer Workshops


Native-International Incubation

Our aim is to prioritize supporting start-ups in securing local incubation before considering broader horizons. We then strive to empower developers with an unparalleled platform and drive global ecological breakthroughs.


Global Accelerator Referrals

Connects budding developers with top-tier accelerators worldwide. Harness our network's potential and fast-track your tech venture's growth.


Renowned Mentors Support

Leverage the wisdom of our Renowned Mentors Support, where startups receive guidance from industry stalwarts, benefiting from their expertise to navigate challenges and accelerate growth.

Workshops will cover languages like Solidity, Rust, and Move. Additionally, participants gain insights into go-to-market strategies, UI/UX design, and tokenomics design training, ensuring a holistic skill development journey.


Top-tier Hackathons

Join our Top-tier Hackathons to dive deep into innovation, showcasing your skills and collaborating with peers. We provide developers unparalleled opportunities to connect with industry leaders and propel their projects forward.


Influential VC Network

Through our Influential VC Network, we facilitate crucial VC talks for startups, bridging them with leading investors eager to back the next big tech innovation and ensure successful fundraising journeys.


Global Demo Day Invitation

Join the Global Demo Day Invitation, spanning both online and offline events hosted by us and our esteemed partners. Capitalize on this platform to highlight your startup's innovations to a global audience, and connect with potential investors, collaborators, and industry peers in diverse settings.

​Global Activities

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